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Gear Rack Linear Module DZ175

  • Driven by rack and pinion, the maximum stroke is 5000MM, and the maximum load level is 120KG. It adopts double guide rails and double sliding blocks, which has stable structure and strong versatility.

DZ175 series is a rack and pinion linear module, repeat positioning accuracy ±0.1mm, lead 163mm, body width 175mm, effective stroke maximum 5000mm, dual rail configuration, splicing long stroke requires special customization, please consult our sales staff . This series of rack linear modules has good dynamic performance, high rigidity of the sliding table, small thermal deformation and high feed stability, thus ensuring the actual accuracy under processing (under load). The aluminum alloy profile sliding table has a beautiful appearance and design. Reasonable, good rigidity, and reliable performance. It is an ideal basic power component for modular machine tools and automatic lines. It is also suitable for high load, low speed, medium and low precision applications, and can be used with a 90 reducer.
1. It adopts bright and beautiful aluminum alloy appearance, good rigidity and strong load capacity;
2. A variety of racks are available, square, round, straight and helical teeth to meet different needs;
3. Long stroke range is optional, modules above 5000mm can be customized for splicing long-distance operation;
4. Low friction effectively prolongs the life of the equipment, and basically no heat generation or component wear;
5. Good dynamic performance, high rigidity of the sliding table, small thermal deformation and high stability, meeting industry requirements.


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