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Linear Module DK136

  • Semi-closed structure, double guide rail and double slider, strong versatility, usually used for multi-axis combination X and Y axis, as a plane moving mechanism unit.

DK136 series is a precision ball screw slide module with a repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.01mm developed by Leizi Technology. It adopts a semi-closed structure, double guide rails and double sliders, and has strong versatility. It is usually used for X And Y axis, as the plane moving mechanism unit.
This series of modules uses high-strength aluminum alloy profiles as the main material. The surface is made of aluminum alloy, which is bright and clean, beautiful, and not easy to be bruised and deformed, and has strong load-bearing capacity; the aluminum profile base is processed as a whole at one time, seamless and smooth. High, excellent straightness and parallelism, and the processing length can be customized; the cover is detachable design, which is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance. In addition, this series of products uses the TBI screw to ensure the accuracy and stability of the screw slide. The linear guide can be selected with a silver guide to further improve the performance and durability of the linear module.
1. Ball screw drive, high repeat positioning accuracy, smooth and smooth operation;
2. Semi-enclosed structure, detachable cover, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance;
3. Double guide rail and double slider design, better load capacity, stable and durable performance;
4. It can be used in combination of single axis and multi axis, with high degree of freedom in scheme design and wide application;
5. One-piece aluminum profile base, high straightness and parallelism, and the aluminum alloy is bright and clean in nature;
6. Production of a complete set of equipment, with optional accessories such as servo motors, controllers, limit switches and drag chains;
7. Various motor connection methods are available: direct motor connection, motor left fold, motor right fold, motor fold down.



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