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Clean Room Linear Module DE50

  • Special steel belt cover design with good dustproof performance can be used in clean rooms or projects that require high environmental cleanliness

A fully enclosed screw module embedded in a heavy-duty guide rail. This series of products uses a special steel belt cover design and has good dust-proof performance. It can be used in clean rooms or projects that require high environmental cleanliness.
It has a low dust generation capacity and can meet the requirements of dust-free level. It can be used in special production environments. Its body is made of U-shaped high-strength aluminum alloy as the main material. It has higher rigidity and is not easy to be bumped and deformed. More capable. The built-in stainless steel guide rail and the base are integrally ground and formed. The guide groove adopts two rows of 45° contact angle Gothic structure design, providing equal load capacity in four directions. High precision and high rigidity can be achieved through proper steel ball preload .

1. The base and the sliding seat are formed in one piece, which is more rigid and durable;
2. Guide rail embedded structure, the straightness of walking contour can reach ±0.02mm;
3. Special steel belt structure design, effective dustproof, can be used in dust-free clean room;
4. There is no need to disassemble the steel belt, it can be fixed up and down freely, and there are positioning holes at the bottom of the side;
5. Servo motors, controllers, limit switches, drag chains and other supporting equipment are optional;
6. Motor connection mode is optional: motor direct connection, motor left fold, motor right fold, motor fold down.


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