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Gantry Laser Welding Platform

  • Efficient and flexible gantry structure design high repeat positioning accuracy smooth and stable operation high walking straightness ensure uniform welding speed and high cost performance.

This automation platform is specially designed for automatic laser welding machine. It has simple structure, high efficiency and flexibility, stability and durability, and high cost performance. It is the best choice for laser welding automation production. The motion mechanism of this product adopts the ball screw module independently developed and mass-produced by our company. The transmission adopts high-precision imported ball screw, which has high repeat positioning accuracy, smoothness and stability, high walking straightness, and ensures uniform welding speed and welding track. Stable; the execution part can be equipped with Jemikang servo motor and driver package, which has reliable and stable performance; the whole machine table adopts high-quality thick steel plate design, beautiful and high-end atmosphere, compact and firm structure, shockproof design makes the equipment more stable, and is also equipped with hidden The keyboard and mouse drawer is convenient and convenient to use.
Product advantages:
1. Efficient and flexible gantry type combination design can solve various complicated automatic welding problems.
2. The transmission mechanism adopts self-developed and mass-produced linear modules, which have withstood years of market application tests, effectively ensuring the stability of the transmission mechanism during high-speed operation.
3. Imported ball screw drive, high repeat positioning accuracy, smooth and stable operation, good uniform speed balance, and beautiful welding seam.
4. Jemikang servo motors and drivers can be used in the execution part to achieve high precision, high speed and high stability.
5. The high-end and atmospheric workbench adopts high-quality thick steel plate design, compact and firm structure, shock-proof design, stable and durable.




Welding speed


Moving speed


X axis effective stroke


Y axis effective stroke


Z axis effective stroke


Expandable shaft


Maximum load


Extension shaft motor


Platform size

1100mm x 880mm x 650mm(Length*width*height

1. The above parameters are only used as selection parameters, and the final parameters are subject to the ex-factory product.
2. The stroke of the worktable and the xyz axis linear module can be customized as required, and the expansion axis is optional.
3. The servo motor is optional, and the power varies according to the configuration of the linear module, please consult the sales personnel.


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